ORACLE + SUN: Is the Cloud growing or losing one important player?

I think, even if Larry Ellison isn’t admitting it, that ORACLE would have to move to the Cloud paradigm as all other players are already doing it. Buying SUN will be the perfect excuse to admit that they should have done it earlier. Obviously this is not the bases of the business with SUN,  but with it, ORACLE will have access to a lot of great tools, starting on Identity Management Platforms, passing through the virtualization technologies, and ending on the Cloud specific APIs. We shouldn’t forget, as others are also defending on the Cloud Computing Google Group, that Java could also be used as the perfect PaaS tool.

With this acquisition Oracle will have access to all this power and Cloud friendly solutions. They will also have access to the knowledge that has transformed the SUN microsystems in one of the Cloud Computing’s most important players.

I’m looking forward to see how this will produce more and inovative technologies and solutions, or if it will be as another HP+Compaq business.

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