In your opinion, it’s positive or negative to know where Google Data Centers are located?

In the last days, some news were released about the location of Google Data Centers, like for example the  Google container data center tour video  and the Revealed: where Google’s data centres are around the world article

In my opinion, this kind of news are positive, but can be negative…

They are positive, because consumers can feel more save, after all they ”know” where their data is stored, the exact locations, etc., in a way we can say that  it’s like if they can “touch it”.

But, just like consumers can know where their data is stored, so can terrorists. I know that Google have backup Data Centers,etc. etc. but…

I will share some information, I tweet the Google container data center tour video with one of those programs that short and track the links, the results are the following (until now):

Total Clicks : 582
3 Major Locations
:  I will not disclosure the exact country,but it’s a country with terrorism activities and was in war very recently: 540; United States: 20; Portugal: 11

Whta’s your opinion? “it’s positive or negative to know where Google Data Centers are located?”  Thanks.

Interesting stuff (articles that I've read)

I’ve read recently several articles about Cloud Computing that I would like to share in this blog:

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Start your company with a credit card and a cloud: An article showing what a small company (JumpBox) is doing. Basically they sell “pre-built, pre-configured [Open Source] software applications packaged for deployment on virtual computing platforms.” that a small company can use. As the article author says “My little notebook computer has enough power to run a business – if I could just get the support and the apps to do it.”.

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Why Google loves the Beta tag and why Beta is bad for Cloud Computing.

As you can see in the following image, Google has changed again this week the Gmail toolbar. As usual these changes have enhanced the interface and have added nice functionalities.


Despite the fact that the added features were in users direct benefit, I think that Google has to start creating a different method to deploy these changes or applications “upgrade”. The method that nowadays they use  is based on the fact that all their sofware has a special beta tag, therefore, their software is still in development.  With this special tag they change everything they want and when they want.

This is like having an IT administrator who is always making software upgrade during the night (without previous notification). And when you arrive in the morning, to start your work, you have always to start by questioning: “Where is the functionality that I need, I almost swear that it was in this menu before I left yesterday”. Then, after a coffee and a talk with your co-workers, you finally realize that your software was upgraded and that the functionality that your are looking for is now in a different menu.

As we cannot accept this kind of method in our IT department, we also shouldn’t accept it in the Cloud Computing ecosystem. I think that it is time for Google to change its methods of software upgrade. We must also stop the Beta tag virus, it’s spread  all over the cloud, and unfortunately, is continuing to spread.

Widget development for TV and for us all

The recent agreement between Yahoo and Samsung is very interesting for us tech guys. Will we be able to create new applications (and make money) for TV?  Will this extend the reach of YouTube and create more market for others in the same market (like Joost, etc.) and even for other companies (like Microsoft, Facebook, etc.)?

The answer for me for both questions is yes, although I think that this will take time to accomplish because we have many TV brands (with different hardware and software) and widget platforms (from Yahoo, Google, Facebook, etc.) and  they also need to come on board and make agreements between them.

But if we start to see many different APIs (one for each TV/widget platform) we will be faced with a problem because the effort to build óur killer application will significantly increase. A OpenSocial like effort would speed up things to the benefit of us all.viagra without prescription cheapbudget cialis